GPCR Workshop 2022?GPCR Workshop 2019

Big Island of Hawaii,
December 2022?

We are hoping to put together a workshop for 2022. More information will follow as we know more. Thank you for your interest!

Confometrx Research Foundation is a public non-profit foundation founded by Brian and Tong Sun Kobilka in 2009. The specific purpose of the foundation is to bring together scientists from academia, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry to exchange ideas, disseminate information, and discuss challenges related to drug development for G-protein coupled receptors in order to facilitate the discovery of more effective and selective therapeutics for unmet medical needs.


The goal of the sixth GPCR Workshop is to facilitate progress in understanding of how GPCRs work at a cellular and molecular level so as to facilitate the development of more effective therapeutics for GPCR targets.

Poster Abstract

The deadline for poster abstract submissions is: Friday, October 11th, 2019

Abstracts can be up to 1 page, 2.5cm left margin, 2cm other margins. Times New Roman type, 12pt.

If you are interested, an abstract for the poster may be submitted to:
emailPatrick Sexton

The first two Workshops (2010, 2011) focused heavily on structure-based drug discovery. In the 2013 workshop we expanded the scope of the Workshop to incorporate emerging challenges and opportunities in GPCR drug discovery, while the 2015 meeting brought in themes around novel signaling paradigms and translation. The key themes for the 2017 Workshop were advances in structural understanding of GPCRs, novel signaling paradigms, the intersection of computational advances and chemical biology, biologics, and preclinical and clinical translation.

As in previous workshops, there will be an emphasis on how cutting edge basic science can feed into academic and industrial drug discovery, with contributions from both academic and industry representatives. A key goal of the workshop will be to facilitate communication between these two groups of scientists with the hope of fostering collaborations that will lead to more focused efforts to enable innovative approaches to drug discovery for GPCRs.

Workshop Format

The format for this workshop will differ from more conventional conferences where scientists typically present a combination of previously published work and recently completed unpublished work. We would like to establish a format where there will be a free flow of ideas centered around key problems facing GPCR drug discovery, and a discussion of what different investigators have tried, what has worked, and what has failed. Morning sessions will consist of presentations from invited speakers covering a range of topics. Afternoon and evening poster and interactive sessions will provide a forum for attendees to present and discuss their latest research. The conference will follow the principles of the Gordon Research Conferences, where the participants will hold data and ideas discussed at the workshop in confidence.

Interactive session

As in the past, the GPCR Workshop will include three Interactive Discussion Sessions. These sessions are meant to be a forum to present new data that may be controversial or difficult to interpret. They are also an opportunity to seek help with technical challenges.

Interactive discussion “rules of engagement”:

  • Registrants wishing to participate in the evening interactive discussion sessions, with presentation of slides, need to discuss this with the session moderators.
  • All presentations for the evening interactive discussion sessions need to be vetted by the session moderators.
  • Presentations should be limited to key data using a minimal number of slides and a minimum number of mouse clicks.
  • Introductions must be limited to key contextual statements — your moderators will help eliminate unnecessary slides.
  • Participants are encouraged to meet with the moderators early within the meeting to help align common areas for discussion and also coordinate with the structured sessions of the meeting.
  • As these are “discussion” sessions, emphasis will be placed on time for discussion.

Anticipated Outcome

To foster a better understanding of problems faced in GPCR drug discovery, to develop more focused approaches to resolve these problems, and to establish long-term interactions between academics and industry.

How to Apply

  • Register here.
  • Your registration is complete when you receive the payment receipt from Paypal. You will not receive notification from the organizers.

Workshop Sponsorship

All contributions will be used to defray the cost of organizing and administering the event and to enable the attendance of participants from academic labs. Any amount of contribution will be much appreciated.

Tax deductible contributions entitle a company to send attendees registration free. The following stipulations apply:

  • $5000.00 USD - one attendee, registration free. $3,500.00 is tax deductible.
  • $10,000.00 USD - two attendees, registration free. $7,000.00 is tax deductible.

Conference Fees

Industry registration is US $1500.00 per person. *
Academia registration fee is US $700.00 per person. *
Graduate student registration fee is $ 400.00 per person.*

*This fee allows you to participate in all sessions for the duration of the workshop; but not travel or lodging. The banquet is included for registrants; $150 for each guest.

Questions? Workshop Contacts:

emailBrian Kobilka | emailPatrick Sexton | emailTong Sun Kobilka |
emailArthur Christopoulos