Children of Ukraine

Children of Ukraine War Fund

As we approach the opening of the GPCR Workshop 2023, I am coming to you with a proposal to bring some cheer to the children of Ukraine, especially those who are recovering from the atrocities of the war . To lend support to the people of Ukraine, we have revised the design of the commemorative tee-shirt seen here.
The cost of the shirt is about $18/each. Each registrant is entitled to one but if you wish to contribute to the fund, any contribution is welcome. Extra shirts will be available for a contribution as well while supplies last. At the end of the workshop, I will send the money to the Silesian University of Technology; our contact is Prof Marek Pawelczyk, the vice Rector. The funds will directly support Ukrainian children who are recovering in Ukrainian hospitals. I hope you will join us in the effort to bring a little cheer and comfort to the innocent victims of the war.


Brian Kobilka
Tong Sun Kobilka
Co-Founders of Confometrx Research Foundation

GPCR Children of Ukraine t-shirt